(Xinhua) -- Kenya is targeting 10 million foreign tourist arrivals in the next five years, an official said on Friday.


    Francis Gichaba, chairperson of the Kenya Tourism Board, said the country will align its marketing initiatives so that the goal can be achieved gradually by the year 2027.


    Kenya received 1,483,752 tourist arrivals in 2022.

    "The tourism sector is one of the key pillars expected to positively impact lives from the lowest levels, and we have no options but to deliver," Gichaba said in a statement.


    Gichaba said that Kenya's best-performing year was 2019, which closed at 2.05 million arrivals, and the government has already set in motion a number of initiatives to deliver the ambitious arrival figures.


    He said that in the first two months of 2023, Kenya received 293,440 international tourist arrivals, up from 184,228 recorded in January-February 2022.


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