The Ghana Stock Exchange has recorded a GH¢2.79 billion in returns for the first quarter of 2021.


    The Ghana Stock Exchange has recorded a GH¢2.79 billion in returns for the first quarter of 2021, Joy Business has reported.


    The gain meant a significant increase to the exchange's market capitalization of GH¢57.16 billion.


    According to the details, the momentous performance of the GSE is attributed to the strong performance of some equities on the market which declared the exchange as the best performing so far this year.

    By the end of March 2021, 57.7 million shares which were valued at GH¢48.5 million exchanged hands, surpassing that of February 2021.


    Telecommunications company, MTN Ghana dominated trading activities with 91.8% and 91.3% of volume and value traded respectively. It gained 3.7% for the three months of 2021.


    Other firms trading on the stock exchange that made some significant gains in the first three months of 2021 were namely; Societe Generale which gained 2.7% while Total Ghana gained 1.6% and insurance firm, Enterprise Ghana Limited making a 1.4% gain.


    On the Ghana Fixed Income market, the GSE recorded an unprecedented gain of GH¢11.53 billion which was above the volume traded in the previous month.


    Meanwhile, market liquidity continued on a high note as government bonds accounted for 94% of the volumes traded on the stock exchange.



    ENTERPRISE GROUP1.39+1.46%23/07
    MTN GHANA2.25+0.90%23/07
    TOTALENERGIES GHANA12.33-0.32%23/07
    ENTERPRISE GROUP1.3943,99623/07
    REPUBLIC BANK0.4841,38023/07
    INTRAVENOUS INFUSIONS0.0512,50023/07
    GCB BANK5.6010,30023/07
    TOTALENERGIES GHANA12.339,36123/07

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    african indices

    BSE DCI9,384.85+0.05%23/07
    DSE ASI2,066.22-0.60%23/07
    EGX 3029,195.24+0.70%23/07
    JSE ASI80,706.44+0.27%23/07
    LuSE ASI14,480.83-0.21%23/07
    MSE ASI128,979.19+1.35%23/07
    NGX ASI100,486.12-0.08%23/07
    NSE ASI107.42-0.29%23/07
    NSX OI1,756.87-0.15%23/07
    RSE ASI145.54-23/07
    SEM ASI1,931.00-0.01%23/07
    USE ASI1,038.73-0.54%23/07
    ZSE ASI203.91+0.29%23/07