Pesewa ONE Plc (POP), a business incubator, is expected to be the sixth small business to list on the Ghana Alternative Market (GAX).


    GAX, a parallel market operated by the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) is expected to welcome Pesewa One Plc on Wednesday, March 24.


    With a stated capital of GH¢366,000, Pesewa ONE Plc has plans to issue five million ordinary shares priced at GH¢ 0.60 at a market capitalisation of GH¢3 million.


    The company has authorized ordinary shares of 10 billion.


    Pesewa ONE Plc has a six-member board of directors chaired by Franklin Owusu Karikari.



    Background of Pesewa ONE Plc

    Pesewa ONE PLC is a Business Incubator.


    The genesis of the Pesewa brand was in the launch of Pesewa Global and Pesewa Investment Club in 2018 to invest in innovative young start-up businesses. The Pesewa Investment Club has since grown into Pesewa ONE PLC with fifty-five (55) start-up ideas and businesses currently under the Incubator.


    The vision of Pesewa ONE is to build Ghanaian businesses that can go global. This informs the variety of businesses Pesewa ONE currently incubates including enterprises in industries such as Technology, Education, Professional Services, Media, Advertising and Finance.


    The objective of Pesewa ONE is to develop platforms to inspire young Ghanaian entrepreneurs to begin their journeys of creating wealth and jobs.


    In terms of its business model, Pesewa ONE takes up 30% shares in each of the businesses under the Incubator and receives dividends when any of these businesses make a profit.


    Pesewa ONE also realizes capital gains upon sale of any of these businesses.


    Pesewa ONE is also entitled to management fees for services provided to each business for the first five years of the business’ existence.


    Pesewa ONE owns and monetizes all the data from its activities and those of the incubate businesses through its website.



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    MTN GHANA2.25+0.90%23/07
    TOTALENERGIES GHANA12.33-0.32%23/07
    ENTERPRISE GROUP1.3943,99623/07
    REPUBLIC BANK0.4841,38023/07
    INTRAVENOUS INFUSIONS0.0512,50023/07
    GCB BANK5.6010,30023/07
    TOTALENERGIES GHANA12.339,36123/07

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    BSE DCI9,384.85+0.05%23/07
    DSE ASI2,066.22-0.60%23/07
    EGX 3029,195.24+0.70%23/07
    JSE ASI80,706.44+0.27%23/07
    LuSE ASI14,480.83-0.21%23/07
    MSE ASI128,979.19+1.35%23/07
    NGX ASI100,486.12-0.08%23/07
    NSE ASI107.42-0.29%23/07
    NSX OI1,756.87-0.15%23/07
    RSE ASI145.54-23/07
    SEM ASI1,931.00-0.01%23/07
    USE ASI1,038.73-0.54%23/07
    ZSE ASI203.91+0.29%23/07