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The Future of the Financial Services Industry Post COVID-19

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2020-10-08 09:00

The world is facing unprecedented challenges occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting a global health crisis and the greatest socio-economic shock in a generation. The pandemic is stretching the capacity and capabilities of governmental institutions and private sector organisations to operate, especially the financial services industry which is severely impacted.


The global financial system remains an area of potential risk, with record levels of market volatility and growing concern around credit losses and its attendant impact on overall asset quality, capital and liquidity. Governments, Regulators, and international organizations have moved rapidly to address the economic collapse and financial fallout, but questions remain around how policy should continue to evolve to preserve financial stability.


As part of the Primary Markets Advocacy initiatives of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (The NSE), we are hosting a Financial Services Webinar aimed at bringing together financial industry experts and regulators to identify emerging financial stability risks, understand the impact of the impending disruption/changes in the financial services industry due to COVID-19, discuss policies required to stabilize the sector and propose measures to be implemented by policymakers.



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  • 2020-10-08 09:00