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The JSE is excited to announce the listing of another series of ETNs from FNB, granting investors exposure to an array of eight different underlying assets which include multinational companies such as Ford Motor Company, PayPal Holdings Inc., Visa Inc., JP Morgan Chase and Co, and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. This follows last month’s listing of new Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) by FNB which offers investors exposure to large, global companies such as Apple, Amazon and Facebook.


As exchange-traded debt instruments that give investors access to a wide spectrum of assets, ETNs provide investors an opportunity to diversify and enhance the performance of their portfolios. This product is especially useful in granting retail investors exposure to assets that are typically difficult to access as an individual investor.



“Although ETNs are still relatively new products in the South African exchange listed market, we are seeing significant growth and interest in them. Given the growing appetite among investors, it is important for us as the JSE to expand our product offering in order to provide investors with as much variety as possible,” says Valdene Reddy, Director of Capital Markets at the JSE.


Today’s FNB listing brings the total number of ETNs listed on the Main Board to 66 with a market capitalisation of over R12 billion.


Bheki Mkhize, CEO FNB Wealth and Investment solutions says, “This additional listing of these ETNs further provides investors with exposure to more global companies which are market leaders in their sectors. Whether you’re an experienced and well-established investor or just starting out on your wealth building journey, these ETNs provide an additional building block in your investment portfolio.”


“As the JSE, we remain committed to our vision of growing shared prosperity and believe that this vision can only be realised by offering affordable and innovative investment products for the benefit of both institutional and individual investors,” concludes Reddy.


Investors that want to invest in ETNs can make use of monthly debit orders or relatively small once-off contributions through an ETN online platform, Financial Services Provider or a JSE member firm.