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The JSE has expanded its Dark Functionality offering with the introduction of 'Iceberg orders'  which allow traders to display only small portions of their larger order trades, without disclosing their full order size.

The new 'Iceberg orders' enable traders to execute their trading strategies by providing a secure and regulated environment for the execution of large-in-size, non-visible equity market orders.

In today's globally competitive trading space, innovation and security play pivotal roles in driving market gains. The introduction of 'Iceberg orders' onto the exchange will drive increased trading and improved execution whilst allowing clients to execute through multiple alternatives.  

Valdene Reddy, Acting Director of Capital Markets at the JSE says, "This innovative and globally competitive functionality is an exciting addition to our products and we are pleased to provide a platform that is not only user friendly, but also responds to s our clients with an alternative to improve executions   in this tough economic environment."

"Our Dark Functionality Suite provides our clients with various options to choose from to enhance their trading experience, which is important for us in order to remain globally competitive and innovative products." Reddy concludes.

How Iceberg orders work

An 'Iceberg order' allows participants to display only a small portion of a larger order. Once the visible portion of the Order is executed, the visible size of the remaining order is replenished based on a randomised replenishment methodology. The order will rest in the order book as a passive order and the process continues until the entire order is executed, or until the order expires.


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