Financial Times Africa Summit 2024

    29 octobre 2024

    The last decade has seen the optimism of Africa Rising give way to concerns of stagnation, debt, conflict and food insecurity. Yet many of Africa's economies have continued to grow. African tech attracts large amounts of capital and the continent’s commitment to creating a single market has resulted in many other countries paying Africa unprecedented attention, creating opportunities to attract more investment. How can African countries steer the right diplomatic and economic course; manage the energy transition effectively and also create the economic conditions to ensure that its young, fast-rising populations find jobs to fulfil their own aspirations and contribute to their nations’ development?

    Now in its 11th year, the FT Africa Summit will gather a prestigious line-up of businesses, policymakers and thought leaders from Africa and around the world. The Summit is widely recognised as one of the most important international forums for serious and productive discussion about the continent’s challenges and aspirations. 


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    • 29 octobre 2024

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