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The Kenyan Government on Monday launched an online information portal that seeks to showcase a number of key development projects it has achieved since it came into power in 2013.


The portal under the url www.delivery.go.ke will allow Kenyans to see and question community projects and quickly understand what the State has been doing.


“The Portal will not only serve as a fact sheet but will give access to information that the public has not been privy to before. The web serves as the state-wide accountability measure for the state-funded projects.” said President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Users can also access the site from any device with an internet connection.



Review Of Taxation Law


Meanwhile, President Kenyatta also noted that the government had no intention of closing down the betting and gambling companies operating in Kenya after Treasury recently proposed the increase of taxes paid by these companies to 50%.


Speaking during the launch of the portal, President Kenyatta said, “The higher taxation has made it difficult for them to bet and we are taking the money to causes that benefit the young people. There has been an outcry that it is too high. It is not an intention to kill the industry. We can engage and review this.”



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