eNaira, the digital currency issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), has had 694,000 downloads in the 95 days since it was launched.


This was disclosed by sources close to the information at the central bank.


eNaira, also recorded less than 10% in P2P transactions, while the Person to Bank and Bank to Person constitute 90% eNaira transactions.



CBN has stated that the eNaira transactions recorded range from P2P, that is, Person to Person; or Person to Merchant, P2M; Bank to Person; Person to Bank and Bank to Merchants and Merchants to Bank.

The eNaira is Nigeria’s CBDC and it is the digital equivalent of the physical naira. As the tagline simply encapsulates, the eNaira is the same naira with far more possibilities, according to the apex bank


What you should know about eNaira downloads

  • According to the source, overall iPhone (iOS) downloads totalled 136,000, while Android downloads totalled 558,000.
  • Guaranty Trust Bank was top of the pack in terms of consumer wallet downloads, with 33%, and Ecobank was ahead of the pack in terms of merchant wallet downloads, with 22%.
  • From North America to Australia, and all over Africa, e-wallets were downloaded, demonstrating global usage.
  • Furthermore, it showed that the app was also downloaded in South America, Europe, Asia, and in almost all the countries in Africa.


The governor of the central bank, Godwin Emefiele, claimed in the last MPC meeting that the present rollout of the eNaira was intended for banked Nigerians. He went on to say that the BVN is included as a need to prevent fraudsters from hacking into the system.


african indices

BSE DCI8,891.76+0.07%08/12
DSE ASI1,741.08+0.45%08/12
EGX 3024,686.16-0.07%07/12
JSE ASI73,790.85-1.33%08/12
LuSE ASI11,109.00-0.03%08/12
MSE ASI110,706.19-0.14%08/12
NGX ASI71,541.74+0.12%08/12
NSE ASI93.94+0.01%08/12
NSX OI1,538.46-4.72%08/12
RSE ASI143.78-08/12
SEM ASI1,884.99-0.05%08/12
USE ASI891.04+0.16%08/12
ZSE ASI197,660.65+2.25%08/12