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Group subsidiary (Mlimani)

The subsidiary contributed P46.1 Million to the total group revenue of P110.1 Million representing a 41.9% contribution.

Operating expenses of P22.79 Million to total group operating costs of P58.73 Million representing 38.8% of group operating costs.

Investment property P649.4 Million representing 45% of the total group investment property of P1.43 Billion

Interim dividend of P7.64 Million paid to holding company, for the half year.


Company (Turnstar)

Revenue increased by 13.6% from P56.3 M( 2012) to P63.9 M

Investment income of P10.39M consists of interest earned from investment in debentures of Mlimani Holdings.

Finance costs reduced by 19.85% to P6.8M due to timely fi nancing of loan facilities.

Profi t for the interim period ended 31 July 2013 up by 65%



Group earnings per share (EPS) is 9.42 thebe per share.

Group tax charge of P5.99 million comprises wholly of a deferred tax charge calculated in accordance with IAS 12.

Group profi t before tax increased by 33% from P44.9 Million (2012) to P59.89M

Source: Unaudited abridged group interim results.