The Listing Committee held on 20/10/2015 has approved to list the shares of New Castle for Investment Sports Company (conditional listing), through its nominated advisor “EAGLE ADVISORS”.


    The company’s issued capital is LE 4,371,800, distributed over 2,185,900 shares, at a par value of LE 2 per share, to be listed on EGX boards (Nilex Market).


    Provided that, the issuer company fulfills the two audit reports of its 2nd auditor and 3rd auditor for the financial statements of the fiscal year ended 31/12/2013, also the audit report of its 1st auditor for the financial statements of the fiscal year ended 31/12/2014, according to Article no. 53 of the company’s bylaw, and the general assembly minutes including its approval on the aforementioned financial stamens ratified by the competent authority.


    Where the placement prospectus of at least 20% of the company’s shares and the related disclosure report, should not be published till the company fulfills the audit reports and general assembly minutes ratified by the competent authority, mentioned above, also the Required amendments on the norm of its activities, previous activities, organizational structure, corporate governance policies according to the Article no. 13 of the Executive Regulation of the Listing Rules, in the light of such disclosure report, all to be submitted to the listing committee for approval before publishing.


    Shares of the company should not be traded till it fulfills all the commitments submitted to EGX by its Chairman according to the Listing Rules and its Executive Regulation, together with the placement prospectus, the related disclosure report upon the norm attached to the executive regulation.


    The issuer company should also fulfills the following:

    • The conditions stated in items (1& 2 and 3) of the Article no. 9 of the Listing Rules within 6 months grace period starting from the listing date, according to the commitments submitted to EGX by its Chairman, together with a study for the fair value of the company’s share prepared by an independent financial consultant, the related No Objection Certificate (NOC) from EFSA to be attached with, all to be re-submitted to the listing committee for approval.
    • The listing contract that organizes the relation between the issuer company and EGX, signed by the company’s legal representative.


    During such a grace period, trading on the shares of the company should not be carried out for any reasons except for the fulfillment of the above-mentioned conditions.

    In case the issuer company did not conform to the above-mentioned commitments, listing the share of the company should be considered as if it never took place.




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