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The Listing Executive Committee of The Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM) has given its approval to the listing of up to 450,992,542 ordinary shares of no par value (992,542 ordinary shares by way of a private placement with a total value of USD 992,542 and up to 450,000,000 additional ordinary shares to be listed in terms of various future Private Placements) of Astoria Investments Ltd on the OFFICIAL MARKET of the SEM.

Astoria Investments Ltd (Astoria) was incorporated on 20th April 2015 in Mauritius, under the name Sofrica Holdings Ltd, prior to a change to its current name on 21 July 2015. Astoria currently holds a Category One Global Business License issued by the Financial Services Commission.

The primary objective of Astoria is to achieve strong USD capital appreciation over the medium to long term by investing in global, equity-dominated holdings of primarily direct, high-quality listed businesses, primarily in developed markets.

On the first day of admission of the above shares on the Official Market of the SEM, scheduled for 10 November 2015, 10,000 ordinary shares will be made available for trading at an indicative price of USD 1.00 per share.

The procedure chosen for the trading on the Official List is Procedure 4.21 under the Automated Trading System Schedule of Procedures.

Dealings in the above ordinary shares can be made through one of the Investment Dealers listed on the following link: http://www.stockexchangeofmauritius.com/members.


The Listing Particulars of Astoria is available on the website of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius Ltd (www.stockexchangeofmauritius.com) and at the registered office of Astoria, situated at c/o Osiris Corporate Solutions (Mauritius) Ltd, 3rd Floor, La Croisette, Grand Baie.