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AFRICAN MARKETS is proud to announce the launch of the new version of African‐markets.com, the first web platform, entirely dedicated to African stock markets. The platform aggregates business and market stories for 17 African stock markets, and provides data and snapshots of the main companies listed on the continent. The new design and new features of the platform aim to improve users’ experience. Besides, AFRICAN MARKETS is launching subscription plans that will give access to exclusive content on the website, starting with downloadable historical market data and an annual reports database. Analysts, executives and students who want to understand African stock markets will now be able to download up to 10 years of historical market data to Excel® and more than 5100 annual reports.


The launch of the new platform is a key milestone for the company and its founder, Romuald Yonga (Cameroon). Passionate about African equities, Romuald was frustrated by the lack of information available on African stock markets and embarked on an entrepreneurial journey to change that. In March 2012, he decided to launch the first version of African‐markets.com from his dorm room in Paris. The mission of the platform was clear: ease the access to information and help unlock the potential of African equity markets.


So much has happened since the humble beginnings of the platform and today’s announcement is much more than a new design and new features. It is also the launch of a new African startup. Indeed, as the audience of African‐markets.com grew, Romuald met Jean‐Julien Ilunga (D.R. Congo), another entrepreneur and African markets enthusiast. Aware of the potential of the platform and convinced they could significantly contribute to the development of African stock markets, the two decided to partner and formally set up the company AFRICAN MARKETS in October 2014 with the valuable help of two renowned Business and Technical Angels from Belgium.


This is just the beginning for these two ambitious African entrepreneurs. AFRICAN MARKETS is continuously evolving. New features are being developed and will be launched in the coming months. These will help investors unveil opportunities, build strong investment cases and, hopefully, cross the last frontier.