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We are proud to announce today the launch of our new company and stock exchange profiles. We are convinced these new profiles will help investors unveil investment opportunities on African stock markets. These new features are available on the English and French versions of the platform…of course.


New Company profiles: better insight into African listed companies

New Company profiles: better insight into African listed companies


The new company profiles now include sector and industry information for the companies on most markets as well as stock information (last price, previous closing price, market capitalization, volume and number of common shares outstanding). Besides, we have added a drop-down list at the top of the page to allow visitors to easily switch between the profiles of companies listed on the same stock exchange.


New Stock Exchange profiles: get the info you need to trade


The new stock exchange profiles give a short description of each stock exchange and provide investors with relevant information for their trading activities such as the trading session hours, the clearing and settlement rules and the tax treatment of investment return and income. Also, the new stock exchange profiles include the Annual reports or statistical Year books of the exchanges that better communicate with the investment community.

You can access the Stock Exchange profiles by clicking on the “About [exchange name]” links on the left menu.


Our African startup is continuously evolving. The new company and stock exchange profiles are just two of the new features we have been working on recently. In the coming weeks, we plan to unveil new tools that will help investors, globally, build strong investment cases on Africa and, hopefully, cross the last frontier.

If you have some ideas, suggestions to share, leave us a comment or send us an e-mail to feedback[at]african-markets.com