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West Africa Rating Agency (WARA) announces today the publication of first-time ratings on Filtisac SA. On WARA’s regional rating scale, Filtisac’s long-term rating is «A-», an investment grade rating, and its short-term rating is « w-3 ». Filtisac is the leader of packaging in French-speaking Africa. The outlook is positive.

Simultaneously, on its international rating scale, WARA assigns to Filtisac the following ratings: iB+/Positive/iw-5.

"The ratings first reflect Filtisac’s leadership in the business of packaging in French-speaking Africa. One of Ivory Coast’s industrial blue-chips, Filtisac continues to stand as a key player in the region for bags and rigid packaging." the rating agency said.

Filtisac’s first rating of "A-" is 3 notches above the credit rating accepted by the CREPMF to issue debt without a guarantee.