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The Listing Committee held on 30/10/2019 has approved the final de-listing for the shares of Suez Bags (EGX:SBAG), amounted to 10,935,000 shares, at a par value of EGP 2 per share (Voluntary de-listing), in the light of the purchase transactions for shares of the protested, aggrieved shareholders that carried out in 28/10/2019 according to Articles no. (55), of the Listing Rules, Article no. (74) of its Executive Regulations, concerning the voluntary de-listing.

Such purchase transactions have carried out on 252,736 shares at the price of EGP 26.01 per share , representing 2.31 % of the total number of shares of the company and 33.79 % of the free float shares , where the number of shareholders whose shares were deposited in the Central Depository System is 83 shareholders .


Shares of the company have be removed from EGX database effective the end of 31/10/2019 trading session, to be traded Over-the-counter (OTC) , Through the system of automatic acceptance of orders for a period of three months , by the end of the said period the case of the company shall be re-brought to the listing committee.


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