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Group retail sales for the 52 weeks ended 07 July 2013 increased by 8.2% to US$23,825,952 from 52 week period ended 08 July 2012.

Profit before tax of US$1,598,198 grew by 81.3% to achieve an operating margin os 6.7 compared to 4% in the prior year.

Individual chain performance was as follows:

  Value Increase
truworths 10.2%
Topics 3.3%
Number 1 26.9%


The number of accounts increased by 8.2% over the comparative period to 76,500 accounts.

Net bad debt as a percentage of credit sales was 1.3% compared to 1.8 in the prior period.



The board resolved to declare a dividend from profits in respect of the 52 week period ended 07 July 2013 in the amount of 0.078 cents per share, payable on or about 29 November 2013.

Communique (PDF)