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The Dar Es Salaam Stock Exchange, or DSE, is the official stock exchange of Tanzania that was established in 1994 under the Capital Markets and Securities (CMS) Act of 1994.


Initially incorporated as a private company limited, DSE is a non-profit making body that started operating in 1998.


According to the review site Asktraders.com, DSE offers individual and institutional investors access to several trading opportunities across several industries in the country, with the following shares as some of the best listed.


Swissport Tanzania Plc (DSE: SWIS)

Swissport Tanzania Plc is a company that is involved with the provision of airport ground and cargo handling services in addition to aviation security services, fuelling and aircraft maintenance, and several other comprehensive services

. The current share price on SWIS shares is 1,1000 Sh [2021/10/29] and the share shows overall increased performance in the long-term, making it an attractive investment for investors. The equity turnover for Swissport Tanzania Plc is 201,344,700 Sh with a market capitalisation of 15,775 billion Sh.



Plc is one of the largest and most prominent banks in Tanzania where loans, advances, customer deposits, and several other metrics are concerned. CRDB Bank plays a crucial role in the socio-economic development of Tanzania and the company has incorporated an efficient business model to ensure diversification. The current price on CRDB shares is 235.00 Sh [2021/10/29] and it is one of the best long-term investment options because of the 1-year gain of 30.56% and overall year-to-date performance of more than 20%.



Bank Plc is a large commercial bank based in Tanzania that offers a wide range of financial services and products to individuals, corporate clients, and several small to medium enterprises in the country. NMB Bank Plc currently has a share price of 2,040.00 Sh. It is one of the lucrative investment options for Tanzanian investors because of its P/E Raito of 4.13 and EPS of 493.48 Sh, with dividends at 137.00 Sh per share.



JATU Plc is a company based in Tanzania that is involved in Agriculture-based industries as well as markets. The company’s operations focus on the production of quality products and good services that serve markets in and around the region, to create more employment opportunities for Tanzanians.

The current share price on JATU is 620.00 Sh and it is one of the attractive investments in the markets because of its focus on job creation, quality of products, and potential long-term growth.


The National Media Group (NMG) (DSE: NMG)

The National Media Group is one of the largest media houses found in both East and Central Africa. NMG is a leading media house that is involved in various prints and electronic media, attracting frequent readerships that are unparalleled. NMG is one of the shares that consistently perform well despite economic challenges. NMG shares are currently 425.00 Sh.

NMG has a market capitalisation of over 80 billion Sh and the share shows both long-term and short-term potential for individual and institutional investors. Read more: DSE records lower turnover in September.


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