During The Egyptian Exchange (EGX)'s annual Suhoor on Tuesday, April 18th, 2023, Rami El-Dokany, EGX Executive Chairman announced that EGX’s Holding Company for Financial Markets Development submitted a request to the Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) to establish a clearing house specialized in futures contracts.


This comes in line with EGX's strategy to introduce new investment vehicles to cater for all investor categories which results in improving market efficiency and raising liquidity levels.

Financial derivatives main advantage is that they provide investors with a mechanism for hedging price risks. EGX is working on penetrating the financial derivatives markets through introducing futures contracts on indices and stocks listed on EGX as well as options contracts.


Additionally, this clearing house will have the necessary infrastructure, technology and knowhow enabling it to activate the clearing and settlement operations of futures contracts on commodities as one of its potential expansion opportunities.




1 EUR = 33.63 EGP 30-Nov
1 USD = 30.90 EGP 30-Nov

african indices

BSE DCI8,879.08-01/12
DSE ASI1,737.92+0.06%01/12
EGX 3024,735.39-0.10%30/11
JSE ASI75,705.88+0.23%01/12
LuSE ASI10,989.68+0.82%01/12
MSE ASI113,079.47+0.26%01/12
NGX ASI71,419.87+0.08%01/12
NSE ASI92.27+0.37%01/12
NSX OI1,630.14+0.81%01/12
RSE ASI143.78-01/12
SEM ASI1,890.66+0.02%01/12
USE ASI896.81-0.52%01/12
ZSE ASI192,223.42+0.50%01/12