GSE Managing Director Ms. Abena Amoah

    Atlantic Lithium marked its official entry onto the Ghana Stock Exchange on Monday, 13 May, 2024, by offering shares valued at GHC 649,669,053

    Atlantic Lithium Limited, the African-focused lithium exploration and development company has officially listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE).

    It comes after approval from the GSE listing committee and the Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) to list its shares on the main market of the stock exchange.

    Atlantic Lithium marked its official entry onto the Ghana Stock Exchange on Monday, 13 May, 2024, by offering shares  649,669,053 on the bourse.

    The company’s prospectus sets the indicative price for the GSE listing at GHC 4.40 reflecting the valuation from the Primary Listing Market.

    Speaking at the ceremony, Jinapor emphasized that Atlantic Lithium’s presence on the GSE aligns with government’s strategic vision of indigenizing the mining sector and enhancing value addition.



    He highlighted that the GSE listing satisfies a pivotal requirement outlined in the pact between the state and the firm, thereby ensuring Ghanaian proprietorship of the Ewoyaa Lithium endeavor.

    The Minister further noted that the GSE listing exemplifies the government’s dedication to positioning Ghanaians at the forefront of the mining industry, especially within the large-scale mining domain.

    “This is to fulfill one of the very important commitment made by the brokers of the transaction reached between the government of Ghana and Atlantic Lithium and their subsidiary, Bavari DV. There have been a lot talks about how the mineral resources of Africa and Ghana has not benefitted the owners of the resources. The reason why it has been so is because we’ve not been able to indigenize the sector and add value to the resources.

    “This is the first building blocks indigenizing the mining sector of our country, exploitation of green mineral resources and indigenizing what Atlantic Lithium is coming to do in Ghana. This is to make sure that Ghanaians have a stake in what they are coming to do here. It will mean that Ghanaians can participate in the project. It will ensure that Ghanaians can own share and become stakeholders of this mining establishment,” he said.



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