The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) has launched an issuers programme meant to equip and mentor potential issuers in the country through an all-paid programme.

    An issuer is defined as a legal entity that develops, registers and sells securities to finance its operations.

    Chief executive, Mr Justin Bgoni, in a statement, said the Prospective Issuers Training Programme is one of the ZSE’s strategic initiatives to promote listings and the chosen candidates will receive the course at no cost.

    “The structure of the programme entails practical sessions to ensure that companies receive comprehensive guidance and support throughout the listing process,” he said.



    According to the ZSE, the prospective issuers training programme is a structured initiative created to provide advice, support and mentorship to potential issuers interested in entering the capital markets through an initial public offering (IPO) or other listing methods.

    The training programme will be administered by industry experts within the capital markets ecosystem covering the following key areas, listing process, listing requirements, compliance obligations and market dynamics, guidance on navigating listing challenges, financial and integrated reporting and corporate governance among others.

    Mr Bgoni said the training will encompass practical workshops where executive directors will attend and the programme is structured in three sessions running for three months.

    “The training will encompass practical workshops where executive directors will attend and the programme is structured in three sessions running for three months.

    “Prospective Issuers interested in applying for the programme, will apply via the web portal Applications are open from February 9 2024 and will close on March 8 2024.

    “The successful applicants will be communicated to after completion of the selection process,” he said.

    The training benefits to prospective issuers include capital raise as listing on the exchange avails an additional capital-raising platform for prospective issuers.

    “The programme offers prospective issuers access to a host of advisors and consultants who offer expert advice on how to navigate the listing journey. Prospective issuers will learn how to undertake value-enhancing corporate restructuring initiatives such as mergers, acquisitions or disposals more flexibly.”

    Mr Bgoni said listing enhances a company’s corporate image to its stakeholders and an enhanced image is valuable and can lead to customer retention, better trade terms with suppliers, lower cost of borrowing and attraction and retention of skilled human capital.

    Last week, retail clothing firm, Edgars Stores Limited revealed its intention of migrating to the United States dollar-denominated bourse — Victoria Falls Stock Exchange (VFEX), and is on course to become the first clothing entity to list on the bourse.

    The intended move from the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) is however subject to shareholder approval and the granting of all necessary regulatory authorisations.

    Edgars Stores Limited engages in the retail of clothing, footwear, textiles, and accessories in Zimbabwe, and the company operates through six segments: Edgars Stores Retail, Jet Stores Retail, Manufacturing Carousel, Micro Finance Club Plus, Corporate Head Office, and Financial Services.



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    DELTA CORPORATION6.20-0.37%12/04
    SEED CO INTERNATIONAL24.00-0.12%12/04
    AXIA CORPORATION10.00990,46412/04
    PADENGA HOLDINGS18.11841,34512/04
    INNSCOR AFRICA45.00200,95812/04
    SIMBISA BRANDS34.95142,91312/04

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    ZSE ASI100.39+1.73%12/04