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The bond market declined by about 52.50% year-on-year in market turnover in the month of February 2023.


According to the Ghana Stock Exchange’s Summary of February 2023 Market Activities, the month closed with a total volume trade of 9.17 billion.


This however represented a decline of 9.48% compared to the total volume traded in January 2023.


Meanwhile, the stock market performed better in February 2023, compared to January 2023.

According to the GSE, the GSE Composite Index did well in February 2023 to recover some of the losses recorded earlier in the year.


Both the Composite and Financial Stock indices recorded negative returns of 1.47% and 5.17% respectively.


This was driven by some of the listed companies posting strong financials and the conclusion of activities surrounding the Domestic Debt Exchange programme.


Market activities picked up significantly when compared to the previous month.


The top price gainers for the month were Unilever (19.60%), TOTAL (12.56%), MTNGH (12.20%) and BOPP (9.66%).


  Jan-February 2023 Jan-February 2022 % Change
GSE-CI YTD Change -1.47% -3.33%  
Value (¢) 31,078,477.93 64,713,737.29 -51.98
Market Capitalization 64,235.77 62,881.97 2.15

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