FBN Holdings Plc has released its unaudited financial results for the first quarter of 2024, posting a pre-tax profit of N238.5 billion, which marks 325% year-on-year growth from the N56.1 billion posted in the same quarter of 2023.  

    The group during the quarter posted a net income of N208.2 billion, which represents a 316% increase from the N50.1 billion net income posted in Q1 2023.

    The growth in profit was driven by a 153% year on year growth in interest income to N455 billion during the quarter from N180 billion recorded in Q1 2023.

    The group posted an FX revaluation loss of N108.2 billion during the quarter as it posted an FX trading income of N13.4 billion, resulting in an FX loss of N94.8 billion. 



    Key Highlights (Q1 2024 vs Q1 2023)

    • The group posted a net interest income of N228.7 billion during the quarter, reflecting a 104% year-on-year growth from the N111.8 billion posted in Q1 2023.
    • Impairment charges hit N42.9 billion, marking a 154% YoY growth from the N16.9 billion impairment provisions of Q1 2023.
    • Net interest income after impairment charges hit N185.7 billion, a 96% YoY growth from N95 billion posted in Q1 2023.
    • Net fee and commission income hit N54 billion, up by 53% YoY from N35.3 billion in Q1 2023.
    • The group’s profit before tax hit N238.5 billion, representing 325% YoY growth from Q1 2023’s N56.1 billion.
    • Profit after tax hit N208.2 billion, representing 316% YoY growth from N50.1 billion posted in Q1 2023.
    • The group’s total assets appreciated by 27% to N21.6 trillion during the quarter, from N16.9 trillion as of FYE 2023. 

    Deposits and loans drive asset growth

    Customer deposits significantly contributed to the group’s asset growth, with customers’ deposits increasing by 24% during the quarter, rising from N10.7 trillion at the end of 2023 to N13.3 trillion. 

    The group’s loan portfolio also grew by 41% during the quarter, as the total loans and advances to customers and banks hit N11.9 trillion, up from N8.4 trillion as of FYE 2023. 

    • As the bank’s loan portfolio expanded, rising interest rates—prompted by two hikes in the Monetary Policy Rate (MPR) during the quarter—resulted in the bank achieving its largest ever interest income for a single quarter.  
    • The group’s shareholders’ equity increased by 10% during the quarter to N1.92 trillion, from N1.75 trillion as of FYE 2023. During the quarter, the group’s retained earnings hit N794.4 billion, compared to N589 billion as of 2023 year-end.  
    • Despite the increase in shareholders’ funds, it does not affect the group’s recapitalization efforts. FBN Holdings still needs to raise N269.4 billion in new share capital to meet the Central Bank of Nigeria’s N500 billion minimum capital requirement for an international banking license. 

    At the end of trading on May 27, 2024, FBNH’s share price closed at N21.10, reflecting a 3.18% improvement as investors display confidence in the bank’s shares.



    SIAML PENSION ETF 401,111.00+10.00%13/06
    NIGERIAN BREWERIES31.90+10.00%13/06
    UNITY BANK1.22+9.91%13/06
    N.E.M. INSURANCE9.55+9.77%13/06
    THOMAS WYATT NIGERIA1.74+9.43%13/06
    CUSTODIAN INVESTMENT9.35-10.95%13/06
    DAAR COMMUNICATIONS0.52-8.77%13/06
    C & I LEASING2.60-7.14%13/06
    R T BRISCOE0.56-5.08%13/06
    ZENITH BANK36.0071,220,97013/06
    AIICO INSURANCE0.9867,300,38213/06
    ACCESS HOLDINGS19.0058,526,49813/06
    GUARANTY TRUST HOLDING42.0546,857,55313/06
    UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA23.0023,169,77813/06

    🇳🇬 Nigerian Naira

    african indices

    BSE DCI9,190.52+0.29%13/06
    DSE ASI2,032.54+0.06%13/06
    EGX 3026,417.60+1.09%13/06
    JSE ASI76,382.00-0.87%13/06
    LuSE ASI13,178.48+0.11%13/06
    MSE ASI117,882.34-13/06
    NGX ASI99,832.25+0.20%13/06
    NSE ASI113.45+0.14%13/06
    NSX OI1,677.76+1.23%13/06
    RSE ASI145.30-13/06
    SEM ASI1,944.32-0.50%13/06
    USE ASI1,061.83-0.54%13/06
    ZSE ASI110.03+3.30%13/06