The Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) has said that the retail participation in equity markets increased from 28% in 2022 to 35% as of September 2023. 


    The Executive Director, Capital Markets, NGX, Jude Chiemeka stated this during the NGX RegCo Retail Investor Workshop held virtually and themed “Expanding Reach for More Impact: Deepening financial inclusion in the retail investor.”   



    Chiemeka added that increased access and the use of technology played a pivotal role in this rise citing the importance of tools like X Mobile transformed the world of investing for all stakeholders involved. 


    He noted that it is essential to foster a market that provides everyone with the opportunity to participate in the financial market if Nigeria is to fulfil the 95% financial inclusion target by the end of 2024. 

    • “At NGX, we believe that by deepening financial inclusion, we can unlock the true potential of retail investors and ensure they have the tools, knowledge, and support to achieve their financial goals. 
    • It is important to take a moment to acknowledge the remarkable growth of retail investors in the Nigerian Capital market in recent years.” 



    Investors’ protection

    Market Head, of Market Surveillance and Investigations, NGX RegCo, Mr Abimbola Babalola assured retail investors of its commitment to ensuring fairness and transparency in the capital market, as it aims to further improve investor confidence and drive financial inclusion in the retail investor ecosystem.  

    Babalola noted that the NGX Regulation has a mandate to protect investors. 

    • In other to achieve this, at NGX RegCo, we ensure that all our rules are properly documented with interpretative guidelines issued alongside them. By going through these, everyone participating in the market will understand the rules and how it is being operated.
    • “Most of what we do in the market is fully automated. For example, the trading engine has an algorithm devoid of human elements. We ensure that every participant observes the rule of the exchange, and we have technology-driven methods of detecting unscrupulous elements trying to take advantage of the market,” he said. 


    The Managing Director of CardinalStone Securities Limited, Peter Omoregie implored retail investors to set clear financial goals when they decide to invest in the capital market. 

    • Understand the risks involved and assess your risk tolerance,” he said. “Ask questions like ‘What do you have available in terms of resources to invest in and what kind of returns do you need to make’?” Omoregie added. 



    GREENWICH ALPHA ETF861.30+10.00%23/05
    C & I LEASING3.44+9.90%23/05
    SIAML PENSION ETF 40849.98+6.25%23/05
    N.E.M. INSURANCE7.65-9.47%23/05
    FTN COCOA PROCESSORS1.26-9.35%23/05
    JAPAUL GOLD & VENTURES1.74-8.42%23/05
    UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA20.0050,316,43823/05
    GUARANTY TRUST HOLDING37.0038,543,72423/05
    ZENITH BANK30.8528,942,50423/05
    JULIUS BERGER NIGERIA85.0017,644,58923/05

    🇳🇬 Nigerian Naira

    african indices

    BSE DCI9,141.35+0.01%23/05
    DSE ASI1,792.73+0.35%23/05
    EGX 3027,205.14-0.08%23/05
    JSE ASI78,956.06-0.67%23/05
    LuSE ASI12,922.12+0.20%23/05
    MSE ASI114,207.92+0.17%23/05
    NGX ASI97,978.02-0.15%23/05
    NSE ASI113.60-1.50%23/05
    NSX OI1,760.93-0.06%23/05
    RSE ASI144.91-23/05
    SEM ASI1,988.00+0.37%23/05
    USE ASI1,081.58+0.26%23/05
    ZSE ASI97.08+0.22%23/05